Astec six pack 250 tph nominal 

- 7x42 drum with RAP collar - good shell and flights 

- 4) 10x12 cold feeds with scalping screens on each bins 

- 40,000 ACFM baghouse (PBH 40) with coater. 8' bags 

- single portable RAP with 9x12 bin, 2$" scale conveyor and 3x4 desiter screen 

- 30,000 gallon portable AC tank split 15/15 with anti strip storage compartment. Includes AC pump meter, unloading pump and anti strip pump. 1.2 MBTU heatec heater. Coiled 

- 75 ton SEB with control house 

- No tires or wheels, wiring and most controls are gone 

Capital Equipment Suppliers