Capital Equipment Suppliers

Main Drying Plant: -7 X 28 Barber Greene Rotary Drum Dryer -Hauck Starjet SJ360 Burner (75 million BTU- compatible w oil and gas) -Model# SJO.G4360E-110-01-0-1-00 -BCS 3000G Control Panel -Secondary Burner: Hauck, do not know model, 105 million BTU, compatible oil and gas -H&B Baghouse: 50,000 CFM -80 ft radial stacker- 30” belt -New motor, belt, roller -Milltronics MSI Heavy Duty Belt Scale - BW 500 Integrator - MD35 Speed Sensor - 250 LB Load Cell, serial# 01-08280 -2 surge hoppers, 10 X 12 -2 oil tanks (8,000 gallon and 1,500 gallon) -multiple conveyors -control house with full controls This is a high output plant with the capacity to dry 150-250 tons/hr depending on temperature and moisture. It has been used to dry high calcium limestone. It is in excellent condition. It is fully engineered and can be installed as is. It is located in Calera. Additional Equipment (located in Birmingham, AL): Derrick Screen: -Model K48-120A-35 -DRG# 4962-05-002 -Part# 1862-09 -Motor: K3615, 3600 RPM -Serial# 7984 Loader: -Volvo L160 Loader -Serial # L160-60100 with bucket scales -New transmission installed 2011 Soil Remediation Plant with oxidizer: -6 x 24 Heyl-Patterson Plant (last used in 2008) -120,000 lbs total -Portable… sits on a trailer -8 million BTU Burner and 11 Million BTU Burner (both oil fired) -Original baghouse needs repair -We can supply with different baghouse with 2,000 sqft of cloth -120KW Generator -Needs extensive repair work in order to be run again Burner: -Starjet Hauck -105 Million BTU -Model# sjog4520-e -PRB#27622cy3442 -Goes with 100 horsepower blower, 36oz pressure Conveyor: -24ft X 120ft -In almost new condition Conveyor: -24ft X 60ft -Needs some repair Railcar Unloader: -30ft X 60ft