Capital Equipment Suppliers

20,000 Gallon Portable RFO Tank Recently moved 90-kilowatt preheater, expandable to 130-kilowatt Viking unloading pump 2” insulation RBS-owned; available immediately
Horizontal 20K Gallon Tank Tank Dimensions are 10' x 30' Previously used for off road diesel fuel Partial Ladder style access Inspection ports on top. Sold As is where is
Hyway 15k Portable Fuel Oil Tank
Heatec 15,000 Gallon Double Walled Portable Fuel Tank for Asphalt Plants
Horizontal Tanks Both appear to be 20K Capacity Both are skidded Single Walled
10,000 gallon Recycled Oil Fuel Tank


Used Equipment: Fuel Tank for Asphalt Plants. 8 x 8 tank Skidded - 7' wide Piping intact
Heatec 20K Gallon Fuel Tank
8,000 gallon #2 Fuel Tank
22,000 Gallon Vertical RFO Tank for Asphalt Plants