Capital Equipment Suppliers

Drum Mixers

Gencor 7x19 Drum Mixer
7x22 Rotary Drum Mixer
Estee 7x20 Drum Mixer
Astec 400 tph Double Barrel Portable Counterflow Drum Mixer
Gencor 300TPH Counterflow Drum Mixer
Astec Double Barrel with Frame 200HP Motor with Rex Reducer 8' Wide x 36' Long Frame is 48' Long Total Brenco Railroad Bearings Flights Still inside drum Outershell off but with unit Inlet Breach with unit Misc Chutes with unit
Bituma 300-TPH Portable Parallel-Flow Drum Mixer
Astec Double Barrel with Outer Shell for Asphalt Plants
Astec Double Barrel Outer Shell for Asphalt Plants
Herman Grant 7x18 Drum Mixer
Shop Built 7ft Diameter Rotary Drum Mixer
Gencor Counterflow Ultra 300 Drum Mixer
Astec 8x35 Double Barrel Drum Shell Only
Stationary ADM MM250 Mixing Drum 2010 Model
RAP Collar for Double Barrel Drum
Counterflow 350tph Drum Mixer
Gencor Ultra 400tph Counterflow Drum Mixer
Astec 500tph Double Barrel Drum Mixer
CFDM012 Astec Double Barrel without Frame for Asphalt Plants
400 TPH CMI Triple Drum Portable Counterflow Mixer