Capital Equipment Suppliers 

BH030 Refurbished Exhaust Fan
Astec 20 HP Fugutive Fan
Astec 50K CFM PulseJet Baghouse
PE 70000 CFM Portable Baghouse
CMI RA318P 60K ACFM Portable Baghouse
CMI Baghouse for Asphalt Plants. 58,000 ACFM Portable - but needs some work to regain portability Model # RA3-18P Dimensions - 49.5' Long x 12' Tall
13" Single Auger on bottom of baghouse for dust removal Was unable to access top of unit 125HP motor on Exhaust Fan 53" Exhaust Fan Will have to verify baghouse dimensions
Bituma 52K CFM Stationary Baghouse
68,000 ACFM CMI Baghouse for Asphalt Plants. Reverse Air Fan and augers and ductwork included 15,222 sq ft 860 round bags 4.47:1 a/c ratio 250 HP 5’ exhaust fan.
Astec 49 inch Baghouse Fan
Standard Havens 70K ACFM Baghouse
BH027 Shop Built 45K ACFM Baghouse
High Temp Baghouse Airlock
Standard Havens 55k CFM Portable Baghouse
Used Astec Horizontal Dust Cyclone for Asphalt Plants.
7000 ACFM Portable Baghouse


BH024 Standard Havens 50000 ACFM stationary baghouse
Aeropulse 45k ACFM Portable Baghouse